2016 Local General Election Endorsements

State Representative #56

E. Werner Reschke, State Representative #56

State Senate #28

Dennis Linthicum, State Senate #28

Next Meeting

For the remainder of 2016 we will meet on the third Thursday of each month.

There is NO Patriots Meeting scheduled for July.

Our next meeting will be on September 15th at 6:30pm at our new meeting location: Washington Federal on South Sixth. (Map it). The building is behind the main bank building in the back. For more information about the meeting or the Klamath Conservative Patriots, please feel free to contact us.

Mission Statement

The “Klamath Patriots Conservative PAC” mission is to promote and protect individual rights and freedoms as set forth in the United States Constitution and to limit the scope of government to the authority set forth therein.

Our Vision

We will support and advocate for our Constitutionally Conservative position on Federal, State and Local Legislation, Policy and Candidates for Public Office.

We Believe

  • In order to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity we must protect and defend the original intent of our Founding Father’s as documented in the Declaration of Independence, the U. S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  • Our inalienable rights come from our Creator - the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.
  • Individual Liberty and Personal Responsibility are the cornerstones of Liberty.
  • Human Life begins at Conception and is sanctified.  All human life is protected under the US Constitution whether born or unborn.
  • Free Enterprise and Free Markets operating without government intervention and overregulation, generate wealth and prosperity while promoting the Judeo Christian Work Ethic.
  • Freedom and Equality of Opportunity are guaranteed to all legal U. S. Citizens.

Acid Test

Every candidate or issue shall be put through this tough matrix and will either be supported or opposed.